Product Care
Linen is very noble, rewarding and responsive fabric that wants a little bit of attention, but still.

We will tell you how to make your friendship with linen products closer, more pleasant and longer lasting.
As everything natural and organic, linen products love hands. If you have an ability and desire, linen clothes should be hand washed. Linen likes to be creased, squeezed, rubbed and rinsed by hands. Do not hesitate or be afraid to use 70% laundry soap for linen.

Remember the days when there were no washing machines and be more grateful to our mothers and grandmothers.
Linen clothes should be washed in a washing machine on the wool or hand wash settings. Be careful with the temperature. The ideal temperature is 40-60°.

Linen does not like extreme temperatures, thus avoid frost dry after washing in warm water and vice versa.
For linen clothes, prefer gel to powder detergents. Natural detergents is the best option.
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