Men's mantle (cardigan)

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Men's UrEcochoice linen mantle (cardigan)
Relaxed hooded wrap cardigan for men.
Comfortable, stylish and crafted from natural fabric.

SIZE 50-52
Length - 85 cm
Sleeve length - 51 cm
Chest (measured under sleeves) wrapped over -124 cm
Shoulder to shoulder- 61 cm

Men's mantle goes well with UrEcoChoice linen T-shirts, shirts and trousers. Men's linen mantle (cardigan) by UrEcoChoice is both stylish and versatile addition to your wardrobe. Linen is a fabric that cools when it is hot and brings comfort and warmth when it is cold outside! Faithfully yours, UrEcoChoice Faithfully yours, UrEcoChoice

Material: 100% linen

Density: 150 gr/m²

Gender: Male

Product: Cardigan (mantle)

lwh: 350x400x200 mm

Weight: 640 g

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