LOTUS spiked board

Yoga and fitness
UrEcoChoice LOTUS spiked board for beginners - an alternative to Sadhu board.

Board type: Standard
Spike pitch: 14 mm
Spike size: 9 mm
Spikes pattern: Diamond
Working surface: 10 cm*27 cm

The board is made from solid ash. Practicing on spikes:
1) removes clamps and fatigue
2) trains willpower
3) has positive effect on wellbeing and mood
4) improves sleep
5) reduces effects of stress on body and
6) awakens the internal energy Practicing benefits the entire
body by stimulating biologically active points, several hundreds
of which are located on foot surface.

While you stand on the board several dozens of spikes stimulate energy
points on feet clearing all subtle energy channels in the body.
A set consists of 1 left board, 1 right board, cotton bag and user manual!

Length: 300 mm

Width: 125 mm

Height: 37 mm

Weight: 950 gr

Material: Beech

Gender: Unisex

Product: Sadhu Board

Sport Type: Yoga, Pilates

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