Man's honeycomb bathrobe

Lightweight and stylish. Comfy and eco-friendly URECOCHOICE cotton honeycomb bathrobe. This bathrobe is crafted from premium Turkish honeycomb eco fabric. Perfect for both staying at home or visiting sauna, swimming pool, hotels, SPA or as a gift! Feel cozy in this bathrobe.


Bathrobes allow fabric shrinkage. Select your size, although new bathrobe will be oversized a little. Wash your bathrobe at 40 degrees without hesitation, the fabric will shrink and it will fit you perfectly!

Model's size M
men's bathrobe is made from 100 % cotton honeycomb.
weight 290 grams comb 12х12 mm
Delivered in a branded eco package, so it will be a great gift!
COLOR: blue

WASH at max 40 degrees, steam ironing to soften.
Available also with a bath towel as a set!

Material: 100% cotton

Density: 290 gr/m²

Gender: Male

Product: Bathrobe

lwh: 390x290x7 mm

Weight: 760 g

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