Sadhu board CFLL6

Yoga and fitness
Copper nails are manufactured specifically for Sadhu boards!

UrEcoChoice FLOWER OF LIFE Sadhu board with copper nails is perfect for both beginners and those who already practice on Sadhu boards.

Board type: Light
Nail pitch: 6 mm
Diameter of copper nails: 2.5 mm
Nails pattern: Flower-of-life
Working surface: 10 cm*29 cm

Copper is a strong antiseptic. This metal protects from negative energies, calms and relieves tension. Copper improves energy circulation throughout the body.
A set consists of 1 left board, 1 right board, cotton bag and user manual!

Length: 320 mm

Width: 130 mm

Height: 20 mm

Weight: 1.320 gr

Material: premium birch plywood and copper nails

Gender: Unisex

Product: Sadhu Board

Sport Type: Yoga, Pilates

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